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Alabama Broadband

On April 26, 2017, Governor Kay Ivey issued Executive Order 704. This order rescinded Executive Orders 9 and 42 and established the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs as the agency to assume all powers, duties, responsibilities, authority, and obligations belonging to the Office of Broadband Development.

Read Executive Order 704

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund

​On March 28, 2018, Governor Kay Ivey, Signed the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act. Because the availability of high-speed broadband services in unserved rural Alabama is important for economic development, education, health care, and emergency services, the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act established the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund.

Read the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act

News / Announcements

The 2019-2019 Program Year Report for the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund is now available:

Read it here.

Grant Application

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund 2019 Grant Application and Guide

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Rating Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund

Submitted Grant Applications

Choctaw County Project I.pdfChoctaw County Project I
Choctaw County Project I.zipChoctaw County Project I
Dixie Area.kmlDixie Area
Dixie Area.pdfDixie Area
East Wood Point.pdfEast Wood Point
East Wood Point.zipEast Wood Point
Emerald Ridge.pdfEmerald Ridge
Emerald Ridge.zipEmerald Ridge
Fabius Alabama Broadband Accessibility Grant.pdfFabius Alabama Broadband Accessibility Grant
Fiber to the Premise.pdfFiber to the Premise
Five Points Community Broadband Project.pdfFive Points Community Broadband Project
Five Points Community Broadband Project.zipFive Points Community Broadband Project
Glen Ridge.pdfGlen Ridge
Glen Ridge.zipGlen Ridge
Grace Haven.pdfGrace Haven
Grace Haven.zipGrace Haven
Padgetts Rd Area.kmlPadgetts Rd Area
Padgetts Rd Area.pdfPadgetts Rd Area
Paladin Coosa Fixed Wireless Solution.docxPaladin Coosa Fixed Wireless Solution
Paladin Coosa Fixed Wireless Solution.zipPaladin Coosa Fixed Wireless Solution
Patterson Rd Area.pdfPatterson Rd Area
Patterson Rd Area.zipPatterson Rd Area
Pea Ridge Alabama Broadband Accessibility Grant.pdfPea Ridge Alabama Broadband Accessibility Grant
Pittsview Area.kmlPittsview Area
Pittsview Area.pdfPittsview Area
Red Rock Community Broadband Project.pdfRed Rock Community Broadband Project
Red Rock Community Broadband Project.zipRed Rock Community Broadband Project
Rural Hackleburg.pdfRural Hackleburg
Rural Hackleburg.zipRural Hackleburg
Southeast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 1.pdfSoutheast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 1
Southeast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 1.zipSoutheast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 1
Southeast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 2.pdfSoutheast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 2
Southeast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 2.zipSoutheast Alabama Broadband Accessibility Project 2
Southeast Marion County.pdfSoutheast Marion County
Southeast Marion County.zipSoutheast Marion County
Tin Shop Community Broadband Project.PDFTin Shop Community Broadband Project
Tin Shop Community Broadband Project.zipTin Shop Community Broadband Project
Vickey Lane.pdfVickey Lane
Vickey Lane.zipVickey Lane
Whitehouse Community.pdfWhitehouse Community
Whitehouse Community.zipWhitehouse Community

Governor's Award Letters

Governor's Award letter_Broadband_1.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_1
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_2.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_2
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_3.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_3
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_4.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_4
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_5.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_5
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_6.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_6
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_7.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_7

ADECA Broadband Maps

Broadband Coverage Map. (If using Internet Explorer, please ensure that you are using version 11.)

Click here for an interactive map of Alabama Census Blocks eligible for state support. (If using Internet Explorer, please ensure that you are using version 11.)

Alabama Broadband Eligibility map of Unserved Areas

Program Guide and Implementation

Draft Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Program Guide

Sample Letter of Conditional Commitment

Sample Grant Agreement

Alabama Vendor Disclosure Statement


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