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Energy Financing Programs


The following resources and programs provide information on financing energy-related upgrades:
Local Government Energy Loan Program
​Performance Contracting



AlabamaSAVES is an innovative financing program that leverages funds from private lenders to provide an estimated pool of $65 million for low interest rate loans to implement energy efficiency improvements and install renewable energy systems at existing private commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in Alabama. AlabamaSAVES is administered by Abundant Power Solutions, LLC.

For more information, visit the AlabamaSAVES website.


Local Government Energy Loan Program

The Local Government Energy Loan Program provides low-cost revolving loans for energy efficiency projects undertaken by local governments, K-12 public school systems and public colleges and universities in Alabama.  Participation in the program results in improvements that pay for themselves through lower utility bills. The interest rate is zero percent for a term up to 10 years.

Through the program, local governments and public colleges and universities can borrow up to $350,000; K-12 public school systems can borrow up to $350,000 per campus or $500,000 per school system. The minimum loan amount for all projects is $50,000. 

Funds may be used for energy efficiency improvements and retrofits of buildings, water treatment plants, street lights, traffic signals and sports field lighting, as well as fleet vehicle conversions for compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), propane and idle mitigation systems. In addition, the incremental cost of a new dedicated or bi-fuel CNG, LNG or propane vehicle over the cost of a traditional fueled vehicle is eligible for the program.  The costs for fueling infrastructure are not covered.

Additional information about this program, including the application and required forms, are provided below. Please let the program manager know if your interest in this program is a result of this webpage.

Annual Energy Use Report (2-26-14).xlsAnnual Energy Use Report (2-26-14)
Fuel Cost Analysis - Fleet.xlsxFuel Cost Analysis - Fleet
LGELP - Energy Audit Form.docLGELP - Energy Audit Form
Loan Application Form.xlsLoan Application Form
Local Government Energy Loan Program Application Booklet (2-25-14).pdfLocal Government Energy Loan Program Application Booklet (2-25-14)
Project Application Data Sheet - Fleet Conversion and Purchase.xlsProject Application Data Sheet - Fleet Conversion and Purchase


Performance Contracting

Information on the Performance Contracting Program can be found on the State Energy Program page under "Building Energy Efficiency."

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