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Communications and Information

The Communications and Information Division (CID) serves as the public information and public relations arm of ADECA. It is the principal contact for the news media, and the division prepares and distributes news releases about grants and other ADECA activities.

The division coordinates printing and publications for the department and provides graphic arts services for the other divisions of ADECA. The department’s Internet web site is developed by the Communications and Information Division.

As legislative liaison for the department, CID monitors all state legislation for potential impact on ADECA and its programs. In coordination with the Governor’s staff and the ADECA Director, CID communicates the department’s position on legislative issues to members of the Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

Each year the division manages a number of special projects for ADECA, including the campaigns for United Way, Red Cross and U. S. Savings Bonds.



Phone: (334) 242-5525


Annual Report

Click the image below to view/download the 2013-2014 ADECA Annual Report.



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